Thank You Nine West for the $29 Shoe Sale Temptation

I love shoes. Anyone that knows me knows that I love shoes. So when Nine West sent this lovely email today talking about their $29 shoes, I thought to myself ‘Really?‘ I JUST bought myself a pair of $29 peeptoe chunky wedges two weeks ago. And since I was curious to see exactly what shoes were $29, I clicked the link. Seconds later, I scrolled through what seemed to be an endless amount of shoes for under $50. But more than anything, I found six pairs of shoes that had me drooling as if I were Wendy Williams describing her favorite meal from Taco Bell or Burger King.

And they would have this sale now. I just paid my first house note and other “beginning of the month” bills. These six shoes would run me right under $200 and as much as I’d want to, priorities come first. Hopefully, this sale will for a minute and I might be able to cop another one or two pair in a week or so. If not, it’ll come around again. Maybe someone out there reading sees this and goes ham on a few pair. If so, THANK YOU. Do it for the girls that love a good bargain but got bills to pay. I know next time, I’ll do it for y’all.


  1. Emily says:

    You know, they’re having really great deals on shoes EVERYWHERE. I think their pushing out all their summer shoes to make way for the fall/winter line (which means BOOTS! *excited), anyway I picked up some adorable open toe black pumps with a bow on the end yesterday for $17 bucks!