My 3 Favorite Whitney Houston Songs

Rumor is Cissy is going to perform during the tribute to her daughter, our Aunt Whitney, at the 2012 BET Awards. I just read that article as I watched the last 10 minutes of one of my favorite movies, The Preacher’s Wife (I’ve said this before). So since I got Whitney on my mind and to continue procrastinating, I want to share my top three most favorite Whitney songs of all time.

I Love the Lord

This song gets me. I feel like it’s such a summarization of how I feel about God and how He is always there for me. I associate this song with the movie and associate the movie with my childhood. A happy point. I reflect on listening to the soundtrack growing up and find it amazing that I was listening to such a song more complex than I could honestly process as an elementary-age student.

Run to You

Thing I like the most about this song is how it sort of relates to my life. Meaning, you can be successful and accomplished but if you don’t have anyone to share those joys with, then what does it really mean? Even if you work at a Snuggie factory, your job can’t keep you warm at night (corny, hesh). She’s all like look at me, I’m alone and all I want is to be held by you and be safe. That’s real.

I Believe in You and Me

*SIGH* This song TAKES. ME. THERE. I’ve officially dubbed this as my most favorite song in the entire world. I feel like when I feel this way about someone, you’ll know it’s real. This song basically epitomizes my emotions for my future husband. This is the most beautiful love song, in my opinion, because it is so honest. She’s giving you pre “Flaws and All” and everything. Like, I believe in us. Period. Woo, chile! That’s…that’s something I’ve never felt before. This song gets me excited about love.

Hopefully, the BET Awards won’t have lackluster vocalists giving us a 3 song tribute that we’ve been waiting for since the Grammy’s. I need the heavyweights (Cece, Beyonce, Cissy, Yolanda, etc.) and nothing less. I really, really hope this doesn’t disappoint.