So…Willow Smith Has a Tongue Ring

I remember when I was 10. I was a huge Spice Girls fan, so huge that I instantly cried the moment I found out I shared my birthday with my favorite, Mel B. Being so enamored with these British pop stars, I tried to emulate them as best as a pre-teen could. I made my hair wavy, wore Sketcher platform sneakers, and even attempted a tongue ring. Now, being that my mom is no fool and of sound mind, I was not about to be pierced in my mouth. No. Nawl. None of that. And I knew this so my best method around such was to take one of my gold beaded ball stud earrings and put it in the center of my tongue and try with my entire life to not swallow it. I managed to do this probably all of one or two days after school at day care until the jig was up and the buzz of having a faux tongue ring wore off.

Now, here we are some 15 years later and I come home from church to this:

Photo from Instagram

Apparently, little Miss “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” has a tongue ring. Or so it appears. The tongue ring I coveted around Willow’s age (she’s 11). And she has it. Wait, what?

I’m only 25 but I call myself somewhat traditional when it comes to certain things like relationships and childrearing (even though I have no kids) and whatnot. But, even in the day and age of preteens with 19″ extensions and data plans, I just can not get with a middle schooler bearing a piercing. Willow could’ve had a belly button ring and I’d still feel very :eh:. What kind of world are we living in where parents, celebrities and non-celebrities, are allowing their kids to grow up before it’s their time? I’m assuming Willow has yet to take a PSAT, figure out what college she might want to go to, drive a car, or buy her own house but she’s out here in these streets with a tongue ring. And not only that, but there is still a stigma attached with this piercing. So, just how can an adult consent to putting a hole in their child’s tongue? Girl… I can’t.

Am I crazy? Is this OK? Are we cool with letting these little 2000-babies get extensions and piercings and cell phones? What’s going to be left for them when they get to college? I need answers.