Update: Moving and Old Memories

Before I get into posting about my recent life event, I just have to say that moving is draining. I read somewhere that it is emotionally, mentally, and physically stressful and indeed, it is. I had over twelve years worth of stuff in my old home so to tread through it all, decide what to keep, and throw out the rest became overwhelming. Still, I rise. Or something like that.

Currently, I am without the internet [at home], but hopefully that should be resolved within a few days. I registered for classes last night thus making this grad school life a little more realistic. I’ve been very emotive recently. Memories of my past keep arising. Events and people that I forgot all about are having cameo appearances in my brain which has brought about several, brief feelings. I don’t allow them to linger for too long, can’t have any distractions.

Before I click ‘publish’, let’s end this post on a happy note –a shot into my¬†new room shortly after the move.