Quick Update: Uh

  • It’s almost been a week. I apologize. I will try harder.
  • I love Cause of Death. If you read those alternate ending books growing up (remember Goosebumps?) and are into suspenseful entertainment, you’ll LOVE this game. I’d suggest going in order or else it could throw off the storyline. For iPhone users only, sorry.
  • I have a horrible migraine. This migraine has been a pain since Saturday. No fun.
  • I shot my first engagement shoot this Saturday as well. A close friend from high school is getting married next month and I was honored and delighted to take the photos! Will possibly share a few later (after the editing process, of course).
  • I am drained. Not a good feeling to have about a month before grad school starts.
  • I’ve been doing well on my “diet”. So yay, right? I never stepped on the scale to know where I started, but I know I’ve prob lost a pound or two. 
  • The maid service never came. Another blog post for another time.
It’s dinner time. Deuces.