Thoughts on Growing Up & Friends

My friend got married yesterday (yea, the one from the engagement pics). And she was my first friend to actually get married too, so just thinking about that sorta puts the whole “growing up” thing into perspective. Like, we’re all 25 now and we’re moving on with life. All of my friends have graduated from undergrad and most are pursuing or finished with grad school. The ones that are dating are in committed, long-term relationships. I’m just blessed to be surrounded by maturing and growing individuals that aren’t getting ratchet on the weekends or into trivial altercations only to be seen on trashy VH1 reality programming.

A picture from Fall 2007, in college

As a senior in high school, I remember lowkey freaking out because I thought that I would never hear from “my friends” again. Then, I heard about this thing called Facebook (work with me, this was in early 2005). I signed up and by the beginning of freshman year, the majority of my graduating class was on there as well. I felt some sort of ease that everyone was just a click away. Time continues to go on, as it does, and social media became more of a presence in our lives which created a catch 22. I mean, on one hand, it takes nothing to remember someone’s birthday and shoot them a quick message or to see how so and so is doing, but also, it adds more value to phone calls, emails, and face-to-face interactions. Out of all the people I associated with in high school, I probably stayed in touch with only five throughout college. And after college, I probably talk to five to seven people on a semi-regular basis. What I didn’t realize as a teenager was that as time moves on, your circle gets smaller and communication isn’t as frequent. Our lives become more family-centric and we won’t have as much time to socialize like we used to, however, when we do, we value those moments.

I’m not sure why I wrote this but maybe someone else does. In other words, good night.

4 Life Lessons Learned From The TV Show 24

So, I’ve been watching a lot of 24 recently. And by a lot, I mean I’m already on season 7 and I began watching the show about 3 weeks ago. I used to watch the show before I went to college, but you can only be so faithful to a tv show while in the midst of young adult debauchery (I kid). Anyway, I saw it was on Netflix and thought this was the perfect time to be epically caught up into realistic fiction! After watching this for so long, you kinda learn some things. You learn the nature of characters and whatnot. So thanks to Jack Bauer and the crew, I’ve come up with 4 things I’ve learned since watching this show. Enjoy.

  • Do not trust anyone outside of your circle. There’s about a 90% chance that your “team” is loyal. Meaning, they will die for your cause. And you to them. Keep your secrets and plans to yourself and then when it’s ready, reveal them to your crew, but only them. With these people being in your circle, they’ve been tried time and time again and have proven themselves. It is only then, after years, when you can start to trust them with your most precious treasures –your thoughts and well being.
  • There is always someone close to the circle that is no good. Pretty much every presidential office came with some snitches. CTU even had a few. And the FBI. There is always someone close to the inside that is giving information away for a mere pat on the back. This goes back into the first point, do not trust anyone outside of your circle. The ones that try to play it cool and inconspicuously curious are the ones you can’t trust. Peep every oen trying to get in good really quickly. Your circle became your circle through time and trials. You can’t trust these new ninjas that want to get to level 10 within hour 3. Discern like a mug and keep calm.
  • Sometimes, you have to sacrifice your career for your family. And vice versa. Many times, Jack has had to deal with terrorists trying to kill his family members or his family members hating him because of his career. Sometimes, you can’t have both. Sometimes, your kid is ungrateful and won’t understand that your hard work keeps them alive everyday. Sometimes, your significant other won’t understand that you have to work late (and by late, I mean 24 hours straight) and that’s why you missed your anniversary dinner. Your work is always for a greater good and sometimes the people in your life just won’t understand it. But on the flip side, you can’t make every happy hour or work outing because you do have a family at home and you need to spend time with them as well.
  • It’s not always what it looks like. You gotta hear things out. Look at things from multiple angles. Maybe it looks like someone is dead and poof, they’re not. Ok, maybe that won’t happen in your life but not everything is so black and white. Check out every perspective and every personality and you’ll find there are multiple views to any situation.

I really didn’t learn these lessons while watching the show. C’mon. But there are some good takeaways. #justsayin