Update: Moving and Old Memories

Before I get into posting about my recent life event, I just have to say that moving is draining. I read somewhere that it is emotionally, mentally, and physically stressful and indeed, it is. I had over twelve years worth of stuff in my old home so to tread through it all, decide what to keep, and throw out the rest became overwhelming. Still, I rise. Or something like that.

Currently, I am without the internet [at home], but hopefully that should be resolved within a few days. I registered for classes last night thus making this grad school life a little more realistic. I’ve been very emotive recently. Memories of my past keep arising. Events and people that I forgot all about are having cameo appearances in my brain which has brought about several, brief feelings. I don’t allow them to linger for too long, can’t have any distractions.

Before I click ‘publish’, let’s end this post on a happy note –a shot into my¬†new room shortly after the move.

I am now a homeowner

More about this story (because it’s long) later. Expect DIY posts in the near and non-near future. :) G’nite. Long day tomorrow.

I Want This Mirror

I’m that girl that gets emails from any and every company in hopes of finding a great bargain. Recently, I received an email from Kirkland’s about some sale (I ignored that) and saw this mirror.

Emily Circle Mirror from Kirkland’s. Photo from Kirkland’s.

I just absolutely love this. I think it’d be a great focal point in an entryway or hallway. It’s only $69.99 and I felt like sharing.

Getting Rid of Trash

Take out the TrashThrowing stuff away is hard. I’ve been going through my room to give it a good detox and realized that this is harder than I imagined. Now, it’s not hard for me to dispose of old greeting cards or receipts but I’m having trouble parting with things I’ve never used before or haven’t used in a while. Before reaching the point of stressing out, I asked my mom for some tips and she helped me prioritize. It boiled down to “Do I need this now? Will I need this in the next 6-8 months?” I just needed to figure out if this was necessary for my life and my future. How basic, right?


I have a friend from high school that is that guy you just can’t stand. He’s the one that made you laugh at a party so he could get your number. You text him back and forth and it might develop into something for a few months, but eventually, his charm would lead him to someone else. You realize that something is different, therefore, someone else might be in the picture. Not long after intuition kicks in, evidence is placed at your feet. You tell him off in a fit of rage and assume that’s that. A few months later, he texts you to see how you’re doing. The memory of why you stopped talking to him is nowhere to be found as you two begin to engage in conversation. Abruptly, he ends the conversation by never responding back. That is when you remember the negative qualities about him and you’re instantly frustrated. You continue on with your life when several months later, he sends a message to you on Facebook. You’re hesitant to respond, but you do. He stops talking in mid conversation yet again. Feeling duped once more, you become upset and vow to halt all communication with him. But then a few months later, you see you have a missed phone call…


Why is it so hard to remove the excess out of our lives? We know that it serves no purpose, yet whenever it appears, we begrudgingly invite it in. I guess the fear of “what if” overrides what we know to be true. Simply knowing what is necessary for the future is key. Life is extremely too short to carry in baggage from one situation to the next. If it (or they) doesn’t make us better or serve a purpose, then we know what needs to be done.