Yesterday Was a Good Day

Yesterday was an amazing day. Well, it all began on Monday when I found out that I had been accepted into grad school to be an MFA candidate in their Graphic Design program. And I was extremely ecstatic because this program was my number one choice due to their amazing admissions support, faculty background, and student portfolios. So I wrote my best friend (who is currently serving her first tour in Afghanistan and also graduated from an art school) the good news and she didn’t see the message until our BFFLversary, which was yesterday. Yes –many, many years ago as preteens, we decided to become best friends on June 26 and we celebrate it annually. LOL. So, of course, she was elated and proud which definitely warmed my heart. And then later on that day, I get an email that I received the presidential scholarship I applied for! It was pretty awesome because they asked for you to write about someone who inspires you and I wrote about Brittany. Full circle like a mug.

This has been the best week of 2012. So many great things are happening and so many more to come. And we’re just at Wednesday! Can’t wait for the rest of the week to unfold :)