I Cut My Hair… Again

I cut my hair again (it’s been 3 years since the last cut). I said I was growing my hair out and then I decided against it. Short hair allows for my hair to grow back fuller and requires less maintenance. Oh and the back part is completely natural. Like, baby fro natural (or new growth, however you want to label it). Plus, I love a good short style. So… I’ve been liberated. Most {black} women will complain when they learn that you cut your hair but I’m like, Listen. It’ll grow back eventually. No biggie, it’s just hair.

P.S. Tia Mowry just went pixie and I love it. Short hair, do care.


  1. Emily says:

    Well my white ass won’t complain, I think your hair looks good short (it looked nice long too).

  2. victoria. says:

    I think it fits you. I’m with you tho, I’m growing my hair out too, but who knows, I may end up chopping it all off again myself. All it takes is for me to feel a certain way one day and I’m in the chair telling my stylist to do what she wants. Like you said, it’s just hair.