Four of My Xs

School is exhausting me. That and I have no energy to ever finish the many drafts I have. But for the sake of an update, here’s my recent typography assignment: pick a letter and sketch/trace/draw it 6 different ways. I’ma show you guys 4 of them. Get into my Xs.

How I Created an Office for Under $160

If you didn’t know by now, I started grad school last Thursday. Because I am enrolled in an online Graphic Design MFA program, I needed a space at home that would act as an office and a home studio. Instantly, I knew that area would be my sitting room right off my bedroom. It’s almost the size of a bonus room and allows for me to only steps away from my assignments, projects, and readings. Now I know most people don’t agree with having an office in your bedroom, but it’s what I wanted to do so might as well, right? Also, this frees up my other rooms for other purposes and I can always add something to separate the two (one day). But because of recent life events, money has become a little scarcer than usual so I knew that this would definitely be a task. After a few donations, sales, and prayers, I was able to have my studio and for less than $160 too.

First thing acquired was my drafting desk. I simply tweeted that I needed a desk and without really any hesitation, Victoria graciously offered to give me one that she hadn’t used in years. I was excited to have a desk, but after I assembled it, I realized that I needed something to prop my hunky printer on. Apparently, just one desk wasn’t going to cut it. I also needed a chair for said desk as well and the dollar signs began to float in front of my eyes. Also, bookshelves would be a nice addition as I had acquired my textbooks for the year and found relevant, related books in boxes. I really didn’t have too much money to work off of but I knew I couldn’t do this half-way. Go hard or go home.

One day, I ended up in Target and found myself purchasing a desk, a side table, and a chair. But once I got home, I found that assembling that chair was next to impossible. So the next day, my friend and I went to Office Max after lunch and I found another chair. Since it was the last chair they had in the store, I was able to take the floor model and of course that means the floor model price as well. I also saw this cute little cabinet that I felt would be perfect for the printer. (Thank goodness for the back to school season) I forgot that I already owned two bookshelves that were at my mom’s house so she graciously brought them over. Once I noticed that everything sorta came together, I started assembling, moving things around, and about five hours later, I had an office.

Bought cabinet from Office Max

Picture frames were already owned, plus the green one I painted from Rite Aid. Bookshelf was already owned from Wal-Mart.

Already owned bookshelf from Walmart, picture frames were already owned as well, except the pink DIY one from Rite Aid.

My DIY picture frames from Rite Aid as well as the 3 in 1 frame from a friend

Drafting Desk, Courtesy of Victoria from, Frames & Lamp were already purchased

And voila, my home studio/office. To recap, I got the…

All of this adds up to right under $160, excluding tax of course. And if I wanted to add in the prices of the picture frames from Rite-Aid plus the lamp, I’d be sitting under $175. Still not bad! Now, let me get to some school work… :)

Late Night Rambles

I’m going to get better at posting in here. I promise.

RIP Aaliyah. It’s been 11 years and I remember that night like it was yesterday. I won’t say gone too soon since we all have a time to come and go, but you definitely did bless the entertainment industry with your presence.

Sometimes, God answers your prayers in ways that you necessarily weren’t expecting, but if the end result is the same, then why not, right? I know someone who prayed to be taken out of her living situation and the next day, her apartment caught on fire. I believe in the power of prayer, but it can catch you off guard at times.

Tomorrow, I plan on enjoying a lowkey day of Lost reruns on the new MacBook and painting after I pick up Victoria’s old desk (manyyyyyy thank yous again). I went to Rite Aid and Hobby Lobby and got some more picture frames and paint. I might attend a going away party too, but we’ll see. I’m really looking forward to my “summer vacation” before grad school starts in two weeks.

This Benedryl is kicking in so goodnight.


Over the Weekend, I…

  • Painted picture frames – I bought at least 15 different sized picture frames from the clearance section at Rite Aid for about $30 to paint. I used to paint and make gifts (mainly probate gifts) for friends in college and remembered how calming that activity was. After work ended on Friday, I sat down, watched some tv, and painted for hours. (I painted it white to start and then chose the color of my liking afterwards.)


  • Bought a vacuum - I needed a vacuum. With two dogs that shed profusely, a broom was no longer cuttin it. Thanks to my very generous grandmother, I went to Best Buy and purchased this Hoover P.A.W.S. bagless upright vac that specializes in animal hair. And BOY does it work! The house looks amazing now and I am satisfied that I made the right purchase.

  • Purchased my new printer and MacBook Pro for grad school - With grad school starting in two weeks (I know right), I desperately needed new supplies to start the year right. On Friday, I purchased my custom MacBook Pro and Epson printer. Thanks to searching on Amazon, I shaved about $100 off the price of the printer + ink. By the end of the month, everything should be in and I should be ready to boom and bust.
  • Continued editing photos from last weekend’s engagement shoot - Last weekend, I had the opportunity to not only shoot my first engagement pics but for a dear friend. I’ve known Christian for about 8 years now and was excited to find out that she was engaged to her boyfriend of 3 years, Al. We went to Lillian Webb Field in Norcross, GA (a beautiful park, BTW) to take the pics in a 3 hour photo shoot. Their wedding is in 2 weeks and I can’t wait! I love it when my friends are with standup guys, but love it even more when God is in the midst. 

  • Went to church - The youth at my church ran the service due to their newfound anointing and fervor for God. Overall, they did an amazing job and I look forward to next youth Sunday!

  • Ate Moes - I have recently found out about the goodness and greatness of a Moe’s burrito. Not only is it delicious but it’s filling. Not only is it filling, but it’s only 445 calories. YO. I can eat that for lunch and be STRAIGHT for the rest of the day. Perfect for my weight-loss consciousness and stomach.


  • Got my hair done - It had been two weeks. It was that time. Nuff said.
  • Went to Target - I went into Target for plates and left with a 16 pc cookware set, plates, a pink basket, a purple vanity tray, and about $70 poorer than I came in. However, I found the colors I want for my downstairs (red, yellow, and blue) too so it was definitely not a loss.


  • Spray painted my jewelry tree - I had a yellow wired jewelry tree in my bedroom. But because that doesn’t necessarily match the colors I have in mind, I spray painted it green. However, it didn’t come out as green as I wanted but more of a yellow green, I chilled on the paint. It actually works perfectly with my vision. So, yay.
  • Finished Cause of Death - I said this game was so serious. And now, I’m all caught up on every volume and am awaiting Chapter 6 of Vol 10. I need to know how these Dr. Mensra thing will pop off and if Natara will actually marry Oscar or if Mal will come in and there’s a Different World moment there. If you have an iPhone, DOWNLOAD this game! It’s so real.
And that, my friends, was my weekend. *Curtsies*

Quick Update: Uh

  • It’s almost been a week. I apologize. I will try harder.
  • I love Cause of Death. If you read those alternate ending books growing up (remember Goosebumps?) and are into suspenseful entertainment, you’ll LOVE this game. I’d suggest going in order or else it could throw off the storyline. For iPhone users only, sorry.
  • I have a horrible migraine. This migraine has been a pain since Saturday. No fun.
  • I shot my first engagement shoot this Saturday as well. A close friend from high school is getting married next month and I was honored and delighted to take the photos! Will possibly share a few later (after the editing process, of course).
  • I am drained. Not a good feeling to have about a month before grad school starts.
  • I’ve been doing well on my “diet”. So yay, right? I never stepped on the scale to know where I started, but I know I’ve prob lost a pound or two. 
  • The maid service never came. Another blog post for another time.
It’s dinner time. Deuces.