I need to start over in a lot of areas, but this blog being one. I just want to restart so I’ll actually enjoy writing in here again. Sure. Idk. Give a me a few. Thanks.


I Cut My Hair… Again


I cut my hair again (it’s been 3 years since the last cut). I said I was growing my hair out and then I decided against it. Short hair allows for my hair to grow back fuller and requires less maintenance. Oh and the back part is completely natural. Like, baby fro natural (or new [...]


The Inevitable

I’ve never had a real encounter with death. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had family members pass on but they were old and I was young. I remember someone I knew in the 3rd grade died by getting hit by a car while crossing the street. But, I didn’t really know her. As [...]

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X 2

Four of My Xs

School is exhausting me. That and I have no energy to ever finish the many drafts I have. But for the sake of an update, here’s my recent typography assignment: pick a letter and sketch/trace/draw it 6 different ways. I’ma show you guys 4 of them. Get into my Xs.

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The Most Dramatic Song in the World

Can we just have a moment to bask in everything that is this song? She obviously ended a horrible relationship but when she thinks back on those good memories? BOY! LOL. It makes her voice go from volume 12 to volume 3 on tremble. I really can’t personally relate to this song but I love the dramatic [...]

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How I Created an Office for Under $160

If you didn’t know by now, I started grad school last Thursday. Because I am enrolled in an online Graphic Design MFA program, I needed a space at home that would act as an office and a home studio. Instantly, I knew that area would be my sitting room right off my bedroom. It’s almost [...]

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